Cryptanalysis of Haraka

  • Jérémy Jean ANSSI Crypto Lab, Paris, France
Keywords: Hash Function, Preimage Attack, Collision Attack, Haraka


In this paper, we describe attacks on the recently proposed Haraka hash
functions. First, for the two hash functions Haraka-256/256 and Haraka-512/256
in the family, we show how two colliding messages can be constructed in about
216 function evaluations. Second, we invalidate the preimage security claim for
Haraka-512/256 with an attack finding one preimage in about 2192 function
evaluations. These attacks are possible thanks to symmetries in the internal state
that are preserved over several rounds.
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Jean, J. (2016). Cryptanalysis of Haraka. IACR Transactions on Symmetric Cryptology, 2016(1), 1-12.