Test-of-Time Award

FSE Test-of-Time Award

The FSE Test-of-Time Award is given yearly. An award will be given in year X to honor a paper published at FSE/ToSC in year X-15 which has had a lasting impact on the field.

More information about the Test-of-Time award can be found in the policy guidelines document.


Three test-of-time awards will be given 2023, for 2021, 2022 and 2023, for papers published at FSE 2006, FSE 2007 and FSE 2008 respectively.

Nominations for these three awards (for papers published in 2006-2008) are welcomed by the selection committee. Deadline for nomination is Feb., 20 2023 23:59 AoE.

In order to nominate please send an email to the chair of the FSE steering committee with the following contents:

email subject line: FSE test of time award nomination

mention: paper title and publication year

Provide short justification why the paper should receive the award by describing its influence on the field, etc. in a max. 2 pages document or text in the email body.

Who to Contact

Chair of the FSE Steering Committee

Anne Canteaut