FSE Conference

Fast Software Encryption (FSE)

The Conference on Fast Software Encryption (FSE) has been sponsored by the IACR, the International Association of Cryptologic Research, since 2004. FSE concentrates on fast and secure primitives for symmetric cryptography, including the design and analysis of block ciphers, stream ciphers, encryption schemes, analysis and evaluation tools, hash functions, and MAC algorithms.

Until 2016, proceedings are published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science by Springer Verlag. From 2017, the papers are published in the IACR Transactions on Symmetric Cryptology (ToSC).

Next FSE: FSE 2024 in Leuven, Belgium, from 25-29 March 2024.

History of FSE (see also here)

General Chair
Program  Chair
FSE30 Leuven 2024 Svetla Nikova and Siemen Dhooghe Christina Boura/Kazuhiko Minematsu ToSC 2023/24
FSE29 Beijing/Kobe 2023 Bin Zhang and Meiqin Wang / Takanori Isobe and Fukang Liu Bart Mennink/Christina Boura ToSC 2022/23
FSE28 Athens 2022 Christina Boura Itai Dinur/Bart Mennink ToSC 2021/22
FSE27 virtual 2020 Christina Boura/Kevin McCurley/Kay McKelly Yu Sasaki/Gaetan Leurent/Itai Dinur ToSC 2019/20
FSE26 Paris 2019 Jeremy Jean Florian Mendel/Yu Sasaki ToSC 2018/19
FSE25 Brugge 2018 Elena Andreeva Maria Naya Plasencia/Florian Mendel ToSC 2017/18
FSE24 Tokyo 2017 Tetsu Iwata/Shiho Moriai Bart Preneel/Maria Naya Plasencia ToSC 2016/17
FSE23 Bochum 2016 Gregor Leander Thomas Peyrin LNCS 9783
FSE22 Istanbul 2015 Huseyin Demirci Gregor Leander LNCS 9054
FSE21 London 2014 Carlos Cid/Christian Rechberger Carlos Cid/Christian Rechberger LNCS 8540
FSE20 Singapore 2013 Jian Guo/Thomas Peyrin Shiho Moriai LNCS 8424
FSE19 Washington D.C., USA 2012 Bruce Schneier Anne Canteaut LNCS 7549
FSE18 Lyngby (Copenhagen), Denmark 2011 Lars R. Knudsen/Gregor Leander Antoine Joux LNCS 6733
FSE17 Seoul, Korea 2010 Jongin Lim/Jongsung Kim Seokhie Hong/Tetsu Iwata LNCS 6147
FSE16 Leuven, Belgium 2009 Bart Preneel Orr Dunkelman LNCS 5665
FSE15 Lausanne, Switzerland 2008 Thomas Baigneres/Serge Vaudenay Kaisa Nyberg LNCS 5086
FSE14 Luxembourg 2007 Jean-Claude Asselborn Alex Biryukov LNCS 4593
FSE13 Graz, Austria 2006 Vincent Rijmen Matthew Robshaw LNCS 4047
FSE12 Paris, France 2005 Henri Gilbert/Helena Handschuh Gilbert/Handschuh LNCS 3557
FSE11 Delhi, India 2004 S.Maitra/R.L.Karandikar Bimal Roy/Willi Meier LNCS 3017
FSE10 Lund, Sweden 2003 Ben Smeets Thomas Johansson LNCS 2887
FSE9 Leuven, Belgium 2002 Mads Landrock Joan Daemen/Vincent Rijmen LNCS 2365
FSE8 Yokohama, Japan 2001 Mitsuru Matsui Mitsuru Matsui LNCS 2355
FSE7 New York, USA 2000 Bruce Schneier Bruce Schneier LNCS 1978
FSE6 Rome, Italy 1999 William Wolfowicz Lars R. Knudsen LNCS 1636
FSE5 Paris, France 1998 Serge Vaudenay Serge Vaudenay LNCS 1372
FSE4 Haifa, Israel 1997 Eli Biham Eli Biham LNCS 1267
FSE3 Cambridge, UK 1996 Ross Anderson Dieter Gollmann LNCS 1039
FSE2 Leuven, Belgium 1994 Bart Preneel Bart Preneel LNCS 1008
FSE1 Cambridge, UK 1993 Ross Anderson Ross Anderson LNCS 809


Organise a conference

If you are interested in organizing a future FSE conference please consult the guidelines from the IACR and send your proposal to the chair or to one of the other members of the steering committee.
We need your proposal to host FSE in year x+2 by the end of June in year x.