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Volume 2017, Issue 1 A Fast Single-Key Two-Level Universal Hash Function Abstract   PDF
Debrup Chakraborty, Sebati Ghosh, Palash Sarkar
Volume 2017, Issue 1 A Note on 5-bit Quadratic Permutations’ Classification Abstract   PDF
Dušan Božilov, Begül Bilgin, Hacı Ali Sahin
Volume 2017, Issue 3 A Security Analysis of Deoxys and its Internal Tweakable Block Ciphers Abstract   PDF
Carlos Cid, Tao Huang, Thomas Peyrin, Yu Sasaki, Ling Song
Volume 2017, Issue 3 Accurate Estimate of the Advantage of Impossible Differential Attacks Abstract   PDF
Céline Blondeau
Volume 2017, Issue 3 Analysis and Improvement of Entropy Estimators in NIST SP 800-90B for Non-IID Entropy Sources Abstract   PDF
Shuangyi Zhu, Yuan Ma, Tianyu Chen, Jingqiang Lin, Jiwu Jing
Volume 2017, Issue 1 Analysis of AES, SKINNY, and Others with Constraint Programming Abstract   PDF
Siwei Sun, David Gerault, Pascal Lafourcade, Qianqian Yang, Yosuke Todo, Kexin Qiao, Lei Hu
Volume 2017, Issue 1 Analysis of Software Countermeasures for Whitebox Encryption Abstract   PDF
Subhadeep Banik, Andrey Bogdanov, Takanori Isobe, Martin Jepsen
Volume 2017, Issue 4 Asymptotic Analysis of Plausible Tree Hash Modes for SHA-3 Abstract   PDF
Kevin Atighehchi, Alexis Bonnecaze
Volume 2017, Issue 3 Boolean functions with restricted input and their robustness; application to the FLIP cipher Abstract   PDF
Claude Carlet, Pierrick Méaux, Yann Rotella
Volume 2016, Issue 1 Chosen-Key Distinguishers on 12-Round Feistel-SP and 11-Round Collision Attacks on Its Hashing Modes Abstract   PDF
Xiaoyang Dong, Xiaoyun Wang
Volume 2018, Issue 2 Clustering Related-Tweak Characteristics: Application to MANTIS-6 Abstract   PDF
Maria Eichlseder, Daniel Kales
Volume 2018, Issue 1 Column Parity Mixers Abstract   PDF
Ko Stoffelen, Joan Daemen
Volume 2017, Issue 1 Conditional Cube Attack on Round-Reduced ASCON Abstract   PDF
Zheng Li, Xiaoyang Dong, Xiaoyun Wang
Volume 2017, Issue 2 Cryptanalysis of 48-step RIPEMD-160 Abstract   PDF
Gaoli Wang, Yanzhao Shen, Fukang Liu
Volume 2018, Issue 2 Cryptanalysis of AES-PRF and Its Dual Abstract   PDF
Patrick Derbez, Tetsu Iwata, Ling Sun, Siwei Sun, Yosuke Todo, Haoyang Wang, Meiqin Wang
Volume 2017, Issue 1 Cryptanalysis of GOST2 Abstract   PDF
Tomer Ashur, Achiya Bar-On, Orr Dunkelman
Volume 2016, Issue 1 Cryptanalysis of Haraka Abstract   PDF
Jérémy Jean
Volume 2017, Issue 1 Cryptanalysis of NORX v2.0 Abstract   PDF
Colin Chaigneau, Thomas Fuhr, Henri Gilbert, Jérémy Jean, Jean-René Reinhard
Volume 2017, Issue 2 Cryptanalysis of PMACx, PMAC2x, and SIVx Abstract   PDF
Kazuhiko Minematsu, Tetsu Iwata
Volume 2017, Issue 1 Cube-like Attack on Round-Reduced Initialization of Ketje Sr Abstract   PDF
Xiaoyang Dong, Zheng Li, Xiaoyun Wang, Ling Qin
Volume 2017, Issue 1 Design of Lightweight Linear Diffusion Layers from Near-MDS Matrices Abstract   PDF
Chaoyun Li, Qingju Wang
Volume 2017, Issue 2 Differentially 4-Uniform Permutations with the Best Known Nonlinearity from Butterflies Abstract   PDF
Shihui Fu, Xiutao Feng, Baofeng Wu
Volume 2017, Issue 4 Direct Construction of Optimal Rotational-XOR Diffusion Primitives Abstract   PDF
Zhiyuan Guo, Renzhang Liu, Si Gao, Wenling Wu, Dongdai Lin
Volume 2016, Issue 2 Direct construction of quasi-involutory recursive-like MDS matrices from 2-cyclic codes Abstract   PDF
Victor Cauchois, Pierre Loidreau, Nabil Merkiche
Volume 2018, Issue 1 Distinguishing Attack on NORX Permutation Abstract   PDF
Tao Huang, Hongjun Wu
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