LaTeX Template

General Information

The "IACR Transactions on Symmetric Cryptology" journal requires articles to be typeset in the new iacrtrans LaTeX class. The class is based on standard LaTeX classes and packages (mainly the article class with amsmath), and should be similar in use to the llncs class used for Springer’s proceedings. The class comes with a documentation that is meant as an example to show the usage of the class. For a quick conversion FAQ, see below.

Since we are now preparing the zero-th issue of the journal, the class is still in development and feedback and comments are welcome.

Converting llncs Paper to iacrtrans

If you have a paper typeset with the llncs class, conversion should be relative easy. The following steps should be sufficient in most cases (for the submission version):

  • Replace \documentclass{llncs} with \documentclass[submission]{iacrtrans}
  • Replace \bibliographystyle{splncs03} with \bibliographystyle{alpha}
  • Add a \keywords{} command before the abstract, with keywords seperated by \and
  • Remove commands that might override the class style, such as \pagestyle{...} or \thispagestyle{...}, change of margins (e.g. with the geometry package), change of fonts,...
  • See also the package documentation